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Man standing next to tree with two signs in the ground.

2021 Warrior Benefit Clay Tournament

On Friday, March 19th, 2021, we had the honors of sponsoring and participating in the 12th annual Warrior Benefit Clay Tournament. This event is always so impactful and touching! 

The Warrior Benefit’s core committee consists of Soldiers and Marines wounded after 9/11 and Gold Star parents. This core group hosts sporting events in Texas in order to build camaraderie between post 9/11 combat wounded veterans and demonstrate to those still recovering from physical and emotional injuries that there is a good and purposeful life after service to their country.

three employees wearing masks holding a birthday cake

Happy Birthday!!

We would like to wish all of our employees a happy birthday in the month of August! We appreciate all of their hard work and dedication to this company. 

2019 School Safety Forum

The Harris County 2019 School Safety Forum was a huge success! We enjoyed learning about emergency preparedness, vulnerabilities in school, gang awareness, Texas legislative school safety updates, mental health awareness, and threat assessment. This forum was very informative and we can't thank our Harris County Department of Education enough for this memorable event!

Ribbon Cutting In Tomball

{CONGRATULATIONS} Julizza Gomez!! We are glad to have you here in Tomball, TX. Sending lots of love and prayers from SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball!

2019 Wounded Warrior Clay Shoot

For the ones that fight for FREEDOM!! At the 2019 Wounded Warrior Clay Shoot, there was happiness and celebration for the ones that have given their all to fight for us! 

The post 9/11 combat wounded Soldiers and Marines that are part of the core advisory committee also demonstrate their willingness to help their wounded peers by voting on and donating funds to other charities that provide support for those that sacrificed so much for us. The majority of the funds raised by the Warrior Benefit are redistributed by our wounded veterans to charities they know are helping their peers.


A special happy birthday to these employess for their hard work and dedication to SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball! Thank you all for everything you do!

Storm Damage From High Winds

The residents of this home in Tomball, TX experienced strong winds during a storm early one morning when a branch from a tree jarred through the roof of their home. SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball was out there immediately to assess the job and start the job as soon as possible. 

9th Annual Mud Bug Bash!!

Our 9th annual Mud Bug Bash was a huge success!! We want to thank everyone that came out and enjoyed the day with us!

A huge shoutout to ALL of our {amazing} employees for their hard work that goes into putting this event together! We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help! And of course, our owners Anthony Scott and Robby Sells that go above and beyond for all of our employees and our community??

March Birthdays!!

Happy March Birthdays to these awesome Employees! We are very thankful for all the hard work you guys do!

We hope you guys have an awesome day!!!

Wounded Warrior clay Shoot Benefit

Our team participated in the 11th annual Wounded Warrior Clay Shoot Benefit last week and had a blast! We enjoyed helping and supporting the ones who fight for our freedom!

Morning Meeting

In Midland, our crews are having their daily morning meeting. In this meeting, they go over the safety procedures, the work schedule for the day, and their goals for the project.

Car Dealership Fire

In Midland, this car dealership suffered damage from a fire that started in the repair shop. We sent our crews to Midland for fire remediation, contents and structure cleaning, and structure repairs.

2018 Christmas Party!

Our 2018 Company Christmas Party was a success!! We had a potluck lunch as well as a Secret Santa Gift Exchange! All of our employees enjoyed eating a delicious lunch while opening gifts from their Secret Santa!! 

Thanksgiving Fire Safety

Did you know that most house cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving? That’s why it’s critical to follow the safety tips below to help keep your holiday safe this year! 

*Stay in your kitchen if you are frying, boiling or broiling food.

*Turn pot handles towards the back of the stove to help prevent bumping. 

*Keep children and pets away from the stove. 

Rockin' around the Christmas Tree!

SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball participated in the 53rd Annual Tomball Holiday Parade, presented by the Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce. Our employees had a fun time setting up and decorating the float but had an even better time in the parade, Rockin' Around the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music while waving to the large parade crowds!


Needing Continuing Education Credits in the upcoming year?? We have our 2019 Continuing Education Class Schedule ready and we welcome you to join us at any of these courses. We hold classes every month to give you a chance to make it out!

The classes are FREE to the public, we have great instructors and light snacks and drinks are provided. COME AND JOIN US!!!!!

If you see any particular course that you are needing, just shoot us an email to


This year SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball had forty participants in the 6th Annual Paces4Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Event! Paces4Pink, formerly Sherine's Stride, was designed to raise awareness of breast cancer and bring families, friends, and guests together for support. Sherine Amanollahi was a Tomball Police Dispatcher who lost her  fight against breast cancer in 20

Apartment Room

This water damage in Houston was caused by a pipe break in an Apartment Complex. There were 13 floors affected and this photo is from just 1 of the rooms with damage.

We first removed the carpet and baseboards that were affected by the water. After the carpets and baseboards were removed, we were then able to extract the remaining water. 

Apartment Water Damage

In Houston, this 13-floor apartment building suffered from some serious water damage caused by a pipe break. The affected materials on ever floor included the drywall, carpet, ceilings, and baseboards. 

Kitchen Leak

In Tomball, the cause of loss was from a slow leak in the water supply to the refrigerator in the kitchen which also affected the living room, foyer, and bathroom. 

Supply Line Water Damage

In Spring, the cause of loss was from a supply line in the upstairs bathroom. Majority of the downstairs was affected by the water. 

We removed all of the affected materials to dry out the house. 

Soot in Garage

In Cypress, this fire started in the dumpster in the garage. The entire garage was affected and needed to be cleaned. We cleaned the structure, ceiling, walls, floor, and wood cabinets.

Before we started cleaning the garage, we had to pack out all of the contents. When we finished cleaning the soot, we packed back the garage. 

Garage Fire

In Baytown, this fire started in the garage which affected the entire house. We first had to pack out the house so we could do a structured cleaning. We also did off-site contents cleaning as well as duct cleaning. 

Hurricane Season!

This is a photo from when Hurricane Harvey came through the Houston Area last year. This homeowner had standing water throughout her home.

Looking back, Hurricane Harvey was not expected to be as bad as it turned out to be. With it being hurricane season, make sure you have all your emergency kits ready to go so you are not caught off guard when another Hurricane Strikes us unexpectedly.

Fire in Bedroom!

In Richmond, the cause of loss was from a fire started by the grandson in a bedroom. Only 2 bedrooms and their closets were affected from the fire, as well as the guest bathroom, but majority of the house was affected from the soot and smoke. 

THS Football Scrimmage

As we are starting to get into the summertime, it keeps getting hotter and hotter outside. Tomball High School used our Large SERVPRO Tent to keep them shaded and cool during the football scrimmage they hosted. 

Hurricane Harvey Damage

In Magnolia, this house got hit by the flood from Hurricane Harvey back in August 2017.

With Hurricane Season right around the corner, make sure you have an Emergency Plan set just in case you need to leave the area!!

Kitchen Damage from Water Leak

In Magnolia, this home had a water heater leak above the kitchen. There was a couple of rooms upstairs affected but the Kitchen had the most damage. There was so much water coming down, the ceiling in the Kitchen collapsed. 

We placed air movers and a couple of dehumidifiers in all the affected rooms to dry out the area.  

Water Damage from a Freeze

In Magnolia, the cause of loss was due to a pipe burst above the guest house from a freeze. There was standing water which affected majority of the home. We tore out all the affected materials and placed some air movers and dehumidifiers. 

Mold in Brenham!

Cause of loss is unknown, there was no moisture detected. Two possible causes determined, one could be a leak from corroded water pipes above affected rooms, the other could be wind driven rain blown into a roof turbine. Drywall in both closets are affected with possible microbial activity. 

Hurricane Harvey

In Tomball, back when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, this entire house was affected from the flood. 

Hurricane Season is right around the corner, do you have you emergency kit ready?

Sink Overflow

In Houston, the home owner noticed some mold behind their sink from a sink overflow. 

 If you notice there is mold in your home, give us a call or visit our website for more information! (281) 374-6454 or

Busted Pipe!!

In Sugar Land, a busted pipe, from a freeze, caused this ceiling to fall in the Kitchen. The homeowner was out of the Country when the pipe busted so the water affected majority of the home. 

Pipe Leak in Attic!

In Magnolia, a pipe in the attic busted and only affected a couple of room. We tore out all the  affected carpet and walls and placed a few air movers and fans. 

Daycare Water Damage

In Spring, this daycare has some water damage due to a busted pipe in the ceiling. The busted pipe affected 5 rooms. 

We removed all the affected material and placed 20 air movers and 2 dehumidifiers.

Commercial Water Mitigaion

In spring, at Hopes Path, there was a toilet overflow in the upstairs bathroom, which affected both the upstairs and downstairs. 

Pictured is the kitchen, which had the most water damage downstairs. 

Kitchen Fire!

In Magnolia, there was a grease fire in the kitchen. There was smoke and soot damage to majority of the house. 

For more information on Fire Restoration call us at 281-374-6454

Toilet Leak!

In Houston, this cause of loss was due to the supply line of the upstairs toilet leaking. The homeowner stated they got home from a 10 day vacation when they found their house flooded. 

Water Damage at a Pre-School

In Tomball, this preschool had some water damage due to a busted pipe in the ceiling that froze during a freeze. We placed 60 air movers and 10 dehumidifiers to dry out all the affected rooms.

Apartment Water Damage

In Houston, this apartment unit had a small fire in the kitchen which caused the sprinklers to go off throughout the unit. We had to do a water mitigation in the entire unit. 

Roof Leak

In Spring, the owner believes the damage is from a roof leak during a heavy rain storm. There was only damage on the first floor in the two story building and a section of the ceiling fell in. 

Flood Waters

In Houston, the funeral home, which was located by a bayou, had some water come in the building during a storm. The entire building was affected from the flood water. We placed 16 dehumidifiers and 70 fan to help dry the building as quickly as possible.  

Chimney Fire!

In Magnolia, the cause of loss was from a chimney fire. There were 3 bedrooms upstairs and the living room downstairs that was affected directly from the fire while majority of the house was affected from smoke, soot, and water damage. 

Water Heater Leak

In Spring, a water heater leak in the attic caused some damage in the guest bedroom(pictured), laundry room, and garage. We removed all the wet flooring and placed 12 air movers and a dehumidifier. 

Busted Pipe

In Baytown, there was a busted pipe from the water heated in the attic. The water affected the ceiling and carpet in the hallway, two bedrooms, and the closets. When our guys arrived, the water readings were still showing pretty high so they had to drill some holes in the wall and placed 12 air movers and 2 dehumidifiers. 


In Houston, this home had mold growth in a bedroom(pictured) and the hallway. In the bedroom the affected materials were the drywall ceiling, exterior drywall, insulation , baseboard, carpet, pad, wood framing and trim. 

Water Damage

In Tomball, this Apartment Complex had some water damage from Hurricane Harvey. This apartment unit had water come in through the exterior wall. The loss was not recovered immediately which caused some mold growth. 

Hurricane Harvey!

In Houston, this home had some minor damage due to Hurricane Harvey. There was a slow roof leak that went unnoticed for awhile and caused some mold in a few bedrooms upstairs. 

Mold from Leaking pipe!

In Spring, a leaking pipe from a bath tub upstairs caused mold to form in the master closet downstairs. The mold formed because the water was sitting for awhile before anyone found out the pipe was leaking. 

Fire in Attic!

In Houston, this house fire originated from the air conditioning unit in the attic. Majority of house is affected from smoke and soot. Also, there is some water damage from the fire fighters putting out the fire.

Hurricane Harvey damage

This house is Houston was flooded during Hurricane Harvey while we were doing a previous job there. The whole entire house was affected from the flood as well as the previous work we did before the flood.

Mold from the Attic

In Magnolia, there was a pipe bust in the attic, above the bathroom. There was so much water from the leak, the ceiling fell through. The mold formed because the water was sitting for over 48 hours.

Town home Garage Flood

This five car garage in Houston was flooded due to a heavy rain storm. Other than the garage, the workout room and the stair room was also affected by the storm. 

Mold Everywhere!

This was a house in Magnolia that had mold in almost every room. 

Mold in your home can cause some serious health issues! If you notice there is mold in your home, give us a call or visit our website for more information! (281) 374-6454 or

Mold in Bathroom!

In Houston, this guest bathroom had mold behind the sink and cabinet. The affected materials included the drywall and sub floor. There was not any moisture detected but there were signs of possible microbial activity.

Fire in Garage!!

Check out this photo that was taken in Spring! This was a garage fire and the homeowner does not know what caused the fire. The whole entire house was affected from either the fire or smoke. 

Fire damage is no issue for SERVPRO Spring/tomball!!

Mold in Garage!

In Magnolia, this cause of loss was due to a pipe that broke during a freeze in a garage.

For more information please call SERVPRO® of Spring/Tomball 281-374-6454

Water Heater leak!!

This is the result of a water heater bust in Montgomery. The water heater was located upstairs in the attic above the kitchen. The bust affected majority of the house due to the standing water that was upstairs and downstairs.

Water damage is not an issue for SERVPRO Spring/Tomball!!!!

Garage Fire!

The cause of loss began from a cigarette. The fire started in the garage and was put out by fire dept with water. There was smoke and soot damage to the garage, entry, entry hall, and the living room.

Water Damage from Fire!

This is the aftermath of an apartment fire in Houston. The water damage is due to a fire in a unit which set off the sprinkle system and got about 4 inches of water on the 3rd floor.

Holiday Cooking

Holiday cooking is a common fire hazard this time of year. Never leave your stove unattended and keep your fire extinguisher handy.

Be sure to have an emergency kit ready for burns or any other injuries that may occur while cooking or being around the stove and oven.

From our team here at SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball, we wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a very Happy New Year!

Safe Travels During the Holidays

As you travel around visiting with family and heading home during the holidays, be sure to use driving safety every where you go.

According to the US Department of Transportation, 74% of weather related crashes happen on wet pavement and 46% happen during rainfall.

Protect your family and yourself. Spend your holidays inside during harsh weather.

Our team here at SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball want to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Fire Damage to Dining Room

Check out our photo from one of our jobs. The cause of loss began as a grease fire incident and spread from the stove, throughout the kitchen into the dining room and living room. The entire home was affected by smoke and soot.

For more information please call SERVPRO® of Spring/Tomball 281-374-6454

Commercial Building Fire Damage in Tomball, TX

Firefighters rush to this commercial building in the middle of the night. Fire was due to an electrical issue that firefighters put out with water. Fire and water damage is no issue for SERVPRO Spring/Tomball. 

Water Damage in Houston, TX

Water Damage occurred from the washing machine in the laundry room. 7 Rooms were affected from the loss, this also including laminate flooring throughout the home. 3 Day drying process and great feedback from the customer!

Tomball Regional Hospital-Commercial Flood Damage 2016

About 8,000 SF of the hospital was affected from rising water during the April Floods in 2016. 12 hallways and 67 rooms were affected. Water was extracted and the drying process began right away with care. 

Water Damage in Spring, TX

Full home affected from a water damage while the customer was on vacation. SERVPRO arrived on site and mitigated the home and had great feedback from the customer on the work completed. Coming home to your house full of water can be stressful, so we try to minimize that stress and get the situation handled as quickly as possible.

2017 7th Annual SERVPRO Spring/Tomball Mud Bug Bash

Every year we celebrate with a Craw Fish boil and this year was our 7th Annual Bash! Excellent turn out as always! We love to see everyone come out and enjoy their time at this event!

2017 Warrior Benefit Clay Shoot

Every year SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball participates in the Warrior Benefit Clay Shoot and we support the military and our Troops. Our heroes are those who risk their lives everyday to protect our world and make it a better place.

2017 Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Classic

SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball is a member of the Tomball Chamber of Commerce and we participate in the Golf Classic Event every year. It is always a blast spending the day with members of our wonderful community.

2016 Aggie 100 Honoree

Texas A&M University recognized SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball as a member of the 2016 Aggie 100, which honors the fastest-growing companies in the world, owned or operated by Texas A&M University Former Students. The Aggie 100, a program created by the Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship in Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School, honors graduates from across disciplines for their entrepreneurial endeavors and success as business leaders.

Veterans Day Charity Golf Tournament

SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball was proud to be part of the 10th Annual ClubCorp Charity Classic. This years event benefited a local nonprofit called Impact A Hero. This organization provides immediate and ongoing support, in the form of opportunities and resources, for our severely wounded, post 9/11 combat veterans, their families and caregivers. We were honored to be part of such a positive event. 

Our Employees and Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball and its employees enjoyed being part of this years annual 5K and one mile Paces4Pink run. This event truly embodied the importance of community and the need for overall awareness surrounding Breast Cancer and other terminal illnesses affecting all of us. 

Supporting Our Local Businesses

SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball always support small business in our local community. This year we had the pleasure of participating in the SKCC Community Expo. This is an annual event hosted by the Spring-Klein Chamber of Commerce and it truly promotes businesses, family, and community. 

Food Truck Extravaganza

SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball loves food! This year the city of Tomball hosted its first-ever Freight Train Food Truck Festival that brought over more than 25 rolling gourmet kitchens to Tomball’s historic downtown depot. We were highly excited and honored to be able to contribute to this great day of delicious delights. 

We Love Our Crawfish & Shrimp!

SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball enjoys festivities and this year it was no different. We had the pleasure of hosting our 6th ANNUAL MUD BUG BASH! This tradition started in 2011 and has just been ingrained in our business. We gather every spring with employees, families, and friends to eat some delicious seafood. For those who have never attended, its something you should place on your bucket list.