Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Car Dealership Fire

In Midland, this car dealership suffered damage from a fire that started in the repair shop. We sent our crews to Midland for fire remediation, contents and structure cleaning, and structure repairs.

Thanksgiving Fire Safety

Did you know that most house cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving? That’s why it’s critical to follow the safety tips below to help keep your holiday safe this year! 

*Stay in your kitchen if you are frying, boiling or broiling food.

*Turn pot handles towards the back of the stove to help prevent bumping. 

*Keep children and pets away from the stove. 

Soot in Garage

In Cypress, this fire started in the dumpster in the garage. The entire garage was affected and needed to be cleaned. We cleaned the structure, ceiling, walls, floor, and wood cabinets.

Before we started cleaning the garage, we had to pack out all of the contents. When we finished cleaning the soot, we packed back the garage. 

Garage Fire

In Baytown, this fire started in the garage which affected the entire house. We first had to pack out the house so we could do a structured cleaning. We also did off-site contents cleaning as well as duct cleaning. 

Fire in Bedroom!

In Richmond, the cause of loss was from a fire started by the grandson in a bedroom. Only 2 bedrooms and their closets were affected from the fire, as well as the guest bathroom, but majority of the house was affected from the soot and smoke. 

Kitchen Fire!

In Magnolia, there was a grease fire in the kitchen. There was smoke and soot damage to majority of the house. 

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Chimney Fire!

In Magnolia, the cause of loss was from a chimney fire. There were 3 bedrooms upstairs and the living room downstairs that was affected directly from the fire while majority of the house was affected from smoke, soot, and water damage. 

Fire in Attic!

In Houston, this house fire originated from the air conditioning unit in the attic. Majority of house is affected from smoke and soot. Also, there is some water damage from the fire fighters putting out the fire.

Fire in Garage!!

Check out this photo that was taken in Spring! This was a garage fire and the homeowner does not know what caused the fire. The whole entire house was affected from either the fire or smoke. 

Fire damage is no issue for SERVPRO Spring/tomball!!

Garage Fire!

The cause of loss began from a cigarette. The fire started in the garage and was put out by fire dept with water. There was smoke and soot damage to the garage, entry, entry hall, and the living room.

Holiday Cooking

Holiday cooking is a common fire hazard this time of year. Never leave your stove unattended and keep your fire extinguisher handy.

Be sure to have an emergency kit ready for burns or any other injuries that may occur while cooking or being around the stove and oven.

From our team here at SERVPRO of Spring/Tomball, we wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a very Happy New Year!

Fire Damage to Dining Room

Check out our photo from one of our jobs. The cause of loss began as a grease fire incident and spread from the stove, throughout the kitchen into the dining room and living room. The entire home was affected by smoke and soot.

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