Water Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen Leak

In Tomball, the cause of loss was from a slow leak in the water supply to the refrigerator in the kitchen which also affected the living room, foyer, and bathroom. 

Kitchen Damage from Water Leak

In Magnolia, this home had a water heater leak above the kitchen. There was a couple of rooms upstairs affected but the Kitchen had the most damage. There was so much water coming down, the ceiling in the Kitchen collapsed. 

We placed air movers and a couple of dehumidifiers in all the affected rooms to dry out the area.  

Busted Pipe!!

In Sugar Land, a busted pipe, from a freeze, caused this ceiling to fall in the Kitchen. The homeowner was out of the Country when the pipe busted so the water affected majority of the home. 

Pipe Leak in Attic!

In Magnolia, a pipe in the attic busted and only affected a couple of room. We tore out all the  affected carpet and walls and placed a few air movers and fans. 

Toilet Leak!

In Houston, this cause of loss was due to the supply line of the upstairs toilet leaking. The homeowner stated they got home from a 10 day vacation when they found their house flooded. 

Water Heater Leak

In Spring, a water heater leak in the attic caused some damage in the guest bedroom(pictured), laundry room, and garage. We removed all the wet flooring and placed 12 air movers and a dehumidifier. 

Busted Pipe

In Baytown, there was a busted pipe from the water heated in the attic. The water affected the ceiling and carpet in the hallway, two bedrooms, and the closets. When our guys arrived, the water readings were still showing pretty high so they had to drill some holes in the wall and placed 12 air movers and 2 dehumidifiers. 

Water Heater leak!!

This is the result of a water heater bust in Montgomery. The water heater was located upstairs in the attic above the kitchen. The bust affected majority of the house due to the standing water that was upstairs and downstairs.

Water damage is not an issue for SERVPRO Spring/Tomball!!!!

Water Damage from Fire!

This is the aftermath of an apartment fire in Houston. The water damage is due to a fire in a unit which set off the sprinkle system and got about 4 inches of water on the 3rd floor.

Water Damage in Houston, TX

Water Damage occurred from the washing machine in the laundry room. 7 Rooms were affected from the loss, this also including laminate flooring throughout the home. 3 Day drying process and great feedback from the customer!

Water Damage in Spring, TX

Full home affected from a water damage while the customer was on vacation. SERVPRO arrived on site and mitigated the home and had great feedback from the customer on the work completed. Coming home to your house full of water can be stressful, so we try to minimize that stress and get the situation handled as quickly as possible.